Clothing for the "Swifts" is made by Textil M Company


International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013 will start on August 27 in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region. It is one of the major world aviation and space industry forums. Hundreds of enterprises and design bureaus from 44 countries all over the world will present their achievements there. International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013 flight program will be very dynamic and full of international debuts. More than 100 aircrafts will be accessible for visitors at the static display. 


Textil M Company is not left out of this important world event as well. Flight coveralls for the pilots of the "Swifts" Aviation Group who are the honor of Russian Air Force were made by the Textil M Company. The company's specialists have put the most efforts and skills so that the high-status customers are pleased with the result. The format of flight coveralls has been carefully studied, their design is adapted to the operating conditions, the individual measurements of each pilot have been taken, comfort requirements and common preferences has been taken into account as well.


In the process of pilots clothing production materials and components providing maximum safety were used. Coveralls for pilots of the "Swifts" Aviation Group were made of Nomex® fabric. This type of fabric as well as accessories and additional materials are fire and heat resistant, and do not sustain the combustion process. Functional and reliable flight coveralls having the highest level of protective properties have been made through the use of special fabrics and technologies. All the previously mentioned properties are clear to the end user only. The rest of the visitors will enjoy impeccable style and design of the coveralls.

Team of Textil M Company is proud to work with the "Swifts" Aviation Group and wishes the pilots to get on with their important work. 

Textil M Strizhi Swifts Workwear Nomex

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