New product in the range, FinFrog protective clothing against water.


In March 2013, a new type of product – protective clothing against water, manufactured by the Russian company entitled “Safety Textile”, appeared in the product range of “Textil M”.

The “Safety Textile” company produces high-quality water-resistant clothing under the FinFrog brand name.

Protective clothing against water is made of PVC materials. During the production the high-frequency welding equipment is used, which ensures 100%-sealing of the product.

FinFrog water-resistant clothing is designed for use as work clothing in the extractive industries. FinFrog’s product line includes models of water-resistant protective clothing for oil industry workers, coal miners, railway workers, and traffic wardens and employees of police forces.

Cloaks, costumes and capes to protect from water are a necessary part of the equipment for tourists, fishermen and hunters.

The “Textil M” company is the exclusive distributor of the “Safety Textile” Company and participates in the development of models of water-resistant protective clothing for oil and gas industry workers.

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