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According to the PPE (personal protective equipment) mandatory requirements, clothing and footwear should take into account climatic conditions and protect a person working in low temperatures. Tekstil M company provides a comprehensive approach to the protection of life and health of the personnel of companies involved in various industries, and along with clothing offers a wide range of safety shoes. This season's range of winter shoes has been added with two functional models. Iceberg Overcap Flex S3 boots and Polar Overcap Flex S3 boots, these models combine a number of innovative designs and materials in conjunction with the technologies which have already shown good qualities in working footwear. 

Рабочая Обувь MTS Iceberg Overcap Flex S3Iceberg Overcap Flex S3 boots are working footwear for protection against mechanical damage and moisture. Upper part of the boots is made of genuine leather, and their construction implies several composite materials connected together. The combination of so many different elements allows simultaneously solving several complex problems and providing reliablemultilevelprotection of feet. Removable insoles made of felt with a foiled cover securely retain the heat inside the boot, the sustainability of the foot system prevents the occurrence of work-related injuries, the heel is reinforced with the embossed plate made of Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) makes the wearing process comfortable and ensures an ability to take off the boots easily. To improve the wear resistance characteristics of the toes, the boots are reinforced with an Over-Cap extra grip. A person wearing the Iceberg Overcap Flex S3 boots can be perfectly visible in dark conditions, as the boots are equipped with reflective elements. Inside the boots warmth and comfort are provided by the insulation – lightweight, breathable, hydrophilic synthetic substitute fluff material called Thinsulate™. Lining made of a membrane fabric with the System DFD® system allows excess moisture to evaporate easily, it also provides water absorption and comfort qualities. Also an important advantage of the Iceberg Overcap Flex S3 boots over other kinds of shoes is the fact that the Iceberg Overcap Flex S3 boots feature a Puncture FlexSystem® flexible insole. These multi-functional boots do not contain any metal elements and they are easy and convenient to use. They are suitable for walking on any surface. 

Рабочая Обувь MTS Polar Overcap Flex S3

The same innovative solutions are applied in the design of the Polar Overcap Flex S3 boots. Just like the Iceberg Overcap Flex S3 boots, the Polar Overcap Flex S3 boots are provided with the foot stability system, reinforced riffled plate in the heel area made of Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), and an Over-Cap reinforced plate on the toe. Zipper on the inside of the shoe increases the volume of the bootleg. Upper part is made of genuine leather. Externally invisible inner part of the shoe is equipped with an unusually light insulation called Primaloft® and breathable Sympatex® membrane fabric, which is used as a lining. Two of these materials put together provide extraordinary warmth and comfort characteristics. Shift lining reliably protects the ankle from moisture and snow. General purpose of the Polar Overcap Flex S3 boots is the protection against mechanical damage, moisture, snow and mud.

The problem of stability and proper shock absorption is solved using an innovative outsolein both shoe models. To maintain the correct tilt, stiffness and elasticity, materials of different densities and thicknesses are used. The innovative outsole provides comfort even in case ofwearing these shoes for prolonged periods of time. The materials used for the production and clever design of soles ensure excellent grip on any surface and feature non-slip characteristics. 


MTS Footwear safety shoes

MTS company, which is the designer and manufacturer of special footwear, recommends boots and shoes for those who work in low temperatureconditions up to 30 degrees below. 

The boots need regular care in order to increase their life span: cleansing of dirt, once the boots are wet, they should be dried at room temperature, keep away the boots from heat, direct sunlight, and domestic heating appliances

«Textil M» company provides comprehensive deliveries of personal protective equipment for the oil and gas industry workers and always provides its customers with the best products and technology.  

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