Textil M Company was awarded the title of "The Exporter of the Year."


Foreign business activities research identified the most promising and important sectors of the economy in 2014 as well as identified the market leaders among the companies. According to official data Textil M demonstrates a serious development in its business segment and awarded the title of "Exporter of the Year 2014".

The choice of the best companies annually held by Scientific Information Centre of statistical research.

The Criteria for determining success are the value of numbers that based on the business activity factors quantity. They characterize the scale of production, solvency, efficiency , investment attractiveness as well as Company’s social contribution to the society. The monitoring area extends to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Компания "Текстиль М" получила награду за работу во внешнеэкономической деятельности.

Textil M Company is extremely proud of the "Exporter of the Year" status.

"I thank all the Customers, Partners and Companies that have allowed us to win this honorary title.

Together we have achieved this result; we work every day for a common noble causes. This award shows a deep economy needs understanding and the correctness of the chosen strategy.

And we will not stop. We can see new targets right ahead and our way is clear. Textil M always offers only the best materials and technologies for the Customers and we will always maintain our principles. I congratulate you with our collaborative Victory!»


General manager Textil M Company Katkova O.

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