The mid-weight work-wear is now in trend. Textil M overall provides a personal cover in any arrangements.


More and more companies pay attention to mid-weight work-wear. If earlier it was below 1% in the all Textil M production then now (and only in Feb) this figure is increasing and has an upward trend. The Corporate brand-books of different companies are amended with 2-3 additional models for the different-line staff, and mid-weight work wear introduced in mandatory list. Obviously  the reason of these innovations is in the current weather state, especially in major fuzzy temperature, high humidity and during the boost flightiness. You you’ll look through the forecast during some years you can see the picture of a permanent inter-season with a rare periods of warmth and cold. It’s no wonder that to work in summer weather clothing is cold and in cold weather clothing is too hot. And the lack of comfort affects on the performance and productivity. But what is more important – it lowers the safety level, endangering the person’s life and health. There are a lot of examples of human recklessness. The result is that much easier to provide the staff with additional equipment then to count losses or, that much worse to cure and restore an employee (not talking about irrevocable circumstances).

Mid-weight cloth, as a rule satisfied the whole requirement list. It frugally warms, resists to elements, whereas has a light weight, very comfortable and protects a person from mechanical pollution and damage. Textil M proposes to its Customers beautiful, hardwearing and robust mid-weight work-wear. The model range is exposed with coveralls, some suits and jackets. Textil M recommends to pay attention to the following models:

The coverall C2.001 will come in handy with the staff who has open-air activity. Serviceable model doesn’t hinder movements and has all the selection of comfortable built-in elements: hood, side pockets, solid knee pads and pockets. It produced from fire-proof fabric that provides reliable defense in fire and explosion conditions. It is the most popular mid-weight model that deserves a lot of favorable reports. During 2013 there were produced more than several thousand units. 

The management and managers should pay their attention to elegant business suit S2.003P. The model that tight-knit can boast with the zippers and buttons in all the necessary places. It suits all kind of figures and produced from high-technological  “smart” membranous cloth Northsea. The wind, moisture and cold loses ground behind this suit. The new model is just winning the recognition from the Customers but has already shown itself in some Russian regions and CIS.

The fleece jacket J2.101P uses as a single work-wear or it could be a part of the complex. Light and nice jacket produced from modern material “Polartec” a famous wardrobe ready-made producer. 



All the wares in spite of visual appeal accomplish safety functions and could be on-scream from +5 till -15 and bears high moisture and windy conditions. 

Textil M company realizes the packaged supplies of the best products and technologies for the oil and gas industry companies.

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