Parka P3.002P

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Warm jacked has long design. It protects from contaminations and mechanical impact, designed for stay at low temperatures of III – IV climatic belts. The overalls are manufactured of water-repellent fabric Northsea. The fabric combines protective properties, high quality of a material and attractive appearance, being an excellent solution for manufacture of executive rank overgarments. Polyurethane frost-hardy membrane provides protection from wind and water and is able to withstand low temperatures down to -48 °С. ‘Breathing’ properties of the PU-membrane and soft velvet fabric surface give additional comfort to the overalls. Model features: warmth-keeping lining adjustable at waist band, high collar, windproof plank hiding the zipper, adjustable cuff, knitted waistband of a sleeve lining, easy-to-use pockets, warmth-keeping hood with furring, the hood dimensions can be adjusted by face. The jacket is fitted with a decorative finish of a contrasting colour and decorative elements of genuine leather.

Complete set: parka

Manufacturer: "Textil M"

Complies with GOST: 12.4.236-2007

Material of top: Nortsea (100% polyester, PU, Teflon® finish)
 Insulation material: Thinsulate™
Accessories: YКК®

Overall is a subject to periodical cleaning in the course of use.

Parka P3.002P