Flame retardant summer suit S1.001P

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Functional and comfort outfit combines the elements of military uniform and the Early American style. The entire set includes: trousers, knickerbockers, a jacket, a shirt, a waistcoat. General purpose: protection from contaminations and mechanical effect. When made of special fabrics it can safeguard life and protect health in explosive conditions and in cases of risk of open fire contact. Working clothes are designed for works during the summertime. Features of the model: big amount of multi-functional pockets in each article, reinforced knee-pads on trousers, reinforced seems, decorative elements of leather and reflective piping.   

Complete set: jacket, trousers, knickerbockers, shirt, waistcoat

Manufacturer: "Textil M"

Complies with GOST: 27575-87

Material of top: Nomex®
Accessories: YKK®

Overall is a subject to periodical cleaning in the course of use.


              комплект летний огнезащитный     комплект летний огнезащитный


 комплект летний огнезащитный        комплект летний огнезащитный

Flame retardant summer suit S1.001P