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Suit of modern style and form. The overalls are manufactured of water-repellent fabric Northsea. The fabric combines protective properties, high quality of a material and attractive appearance, being an excellent solution for manufacture of executive rank overgarments. Polyurethane frost-hardy membrane provides protection from wind and water and is able to withstand low temperatures down to -48 °С. ‘Breathing’ properties of the PU-membrane and soft velvet fabric surface give additional comfort to the overalls. It protects from contaminations and mechanical impact. Model features:  jacket and trousers are straight silhouettes, bottom of a jacket is the figured. The products are fitted with ventilation holes. Stationary jacket hood is regulated under the personal crew and volume. Sleeves have knitted cuff. The  high belt is on a trousers. All products have pockets. Decorative finishing is made by reflective by kant. 

Complete set: jacket +  trousers

Manufacturer: "Textil M"


Material of top: Nortsea (100% polyester, PU, Teflon® finish)
Insulation material: Thinsulate™
Accessories: YКК®
Overall is a subject to periodical cleaning in the course of use.

Suit is used with the following additional protective means (not included into the complete set of this product and can be purchased separately):
- hard hat;
- safety glasses;
- safety gloves;
- safety footwear;
- hat with fur trim.