Summer suit S1.991S

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The overall for hazardous biological factors protection. Fits for wide range of specialties. Personnel is protected against general production pollutions and harmful biological factors. Antistatic thread within the fabric composition provides additional protection against electrical discharge impact. Mosquito bar on the hood and circumspect design protects against insects including encephalitic mite. Model features: design does not contain projecting elements, jacket bottom can be adjusted by cord, wide knitted wristlets on the jacket sleeves and on the trousers of short overall, the hood is provided with removable mosquito bar in facial part and with the fixed one on the back of the head, amplifier pads in knees area, place for logo is provided.

Complete set: jacket + short overall

Manufacturer: "Textil M"


Material of top: Flamestat, water resistant impregnation
Accessories: special
Signal elements: 50 mm retroreflecting stripe

Suit is a subject to periodical cleaning in the course of use.

Suit is used with the following additional protective means (not included into the complete set of this product and can be purchased separately):
- hard hat;
- safety glasses;
- safety gloves;
- safety footwear;
- underwear.

Summer suit S1.991S