Flame retardant summer Coverall C1.007S

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General purpose of overall is the protection of human’s health and life in the course of works under the conditions associated with explosion and fire hazards. Overall protects personnel against general production pollutions and mechanical effects. Fits for wide range of specialties. Original design allows combining fabrics at Customer's will. Model features: overall can be easily dressed and taken off on account of design, ventilation holes on the back and sleeves, sleeve width is adjustable, patch pockets, amplifier pads at the level of knees and over the bottom of overall back portion. Place for logo is provided.

Complete set: coverall

Manufacturer: "Textil M"

Complies with GOST: 12.4.100-80, 12.4.101-93


Material of top: Nomex®, water resistant impregnation
Signal elements: 50 mm fireproof retroreflecting stripe

Overall is a subject to periodical cleaning in the course of use.

Overall is used with the following additional protective means (not included into the complete set of this product and can be purchased separately):
 - hard hat;
- safety glasses;
- safety gloves;
- safety footwear;
- underwear;
- gas detectors.  

Flame retardant summer Coverall C1.007S