Flame retardant waterproof demi-season suit R2.001S

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Working clothes provide the personnel protection from 2 factors at the same time: from increased humidity (weather phenomena, specific manufacturing processes), and from the risk of contact with open fire, as well. The suit is manufactured under the “glued seams” technology that provides additional barrier for humidity and wind penetration. Clothing is designed for work during the winter-time; the jacket and short overalls have detachable undercoat that can be used independently in the capacity of coldproof clothing. The comfort and hygienic requirements are supported as a result of elaborate design. Model features: Comfortable tunnel, high collar, detachable hood, comfortable inset pocket of the jacket that can be fastened with zipper. The bottom part of jacket can be adjusted by the elastic cord. Place is provided for logo.                                

Complete set: jacket + short overalls

Manufacturer: "Textil M"

Complies with GOST:  27643-88


Material of top: fire-resistant fabric MULTYSTANDARD

Insulation: Thinsulate™

Accessories: YKK®

Signal elements: 50 mm fireproof retroreflecting stripe

Overall is a subject to periodical cleaning in the course of use.

Overall is used with the following additional protective means (not included into the complete set of this product and can be purchased separately):

- hard hat;

- safety glasses;

- safety gloves;

- safety footwear;

- underwear.
костюм водостойкий огнезащитный               костюм водостойкий огнезащитный

Flame retardant waterproof demi-season suit R2.001S