All optrel basic products offer reliable protection from chips, UV and IR rays and hot metal splash. Every welder is sure to find a product to fully meet his needs from the various product ranges available from optrel AG.

  • Shade level 11 (ex factory)
  • Comfortable headband
  • Hard hat can also be worn

Leather hoods with a passive welding filter are indispensable for welders who have to work in tight spaces. If welding work is required in recesses or 3D constructions, leather hoods are often the only possible form of protection.

Just like the products in the optrel b300 range, optrel b200 products are reinforced through use of a glass fibre mat. This produces a totally resistant material which reliably defects weld splash and high temperatures up to around 400 °C. A compact glass fibre layer and a modern panel thickness make the optrel b300 range very light

The optrel b200 product range is made from a very resistant glass fibre compound. The erratically arranged fibres along with the plastic used reliably deflect weld splash and are self-extinguishing. These products are characterised by their great resistance to temperatures of up to around 400 °C and their robust design.

The optrel b100 range is made from high-quality thermoplastic. This material boosts the modern and ergonomic shape with good temperature and resistance properties. optrel b100 products are recommended mainly for tradesmen who don’t weld on a regular basis but still want reliable protection for their eyes and face. The products are suited to use up to around 100 °C.