Welding helmets optrel e670

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The modern welder needs protective equipment optimised for maximumperformance and efficiency. In order to allow welders to work with asfew interruptions as possible, welding machine manufacturers are increasinglyadding remote control to their welding torches. But how doesthis affect the welder who needs to control his shade level? If the welderhas to manually adapt his shade level, the process will be interruptedonce more. If he leaves the shade level setting unchanged, comfort levelsplummet – e670 is the perfect solution.

Unique sensor technology allowsthe darkening filter to automaticallyselectthe shade level and continually adapts this to the relevant applicationand arc intensity during welding. Fine adjustment also allows thewelder to adapt the automatically selected shade level to his personaleyesight sensitivity. All of which means the welding process isn’t interruptedat all. Maximum efficiency and comfort are guaranteed.

Size of darkening filter/field of vision 90 x 110 x 7 mm/50 x 100 mm
Eye protection Maximum UV & IR protection
with every shade level setting
Classification according to EN379 1/1/1/2
Classification according to EN175 B (120m/s impact resistance)
Time taken to switch from light to dark 0.180 ms at room temperature 0.120 ms at 55 °C
Time taken to switch from dark to light Slow: 0.35 – 0.6 s
Fast: 0.1 – 0.35 s
Energy supply Solar cells and batteries, no
need to switch on and off
Battery life Around 2500 hours (operation)
Working temperature –10 °C to +70 °C
Total weight 490 g
Recommended areas of use See page 11
Guarantee 3 years (except batteries)
Certificates CE, ECS, ANSI, AS/NZS, GOST-R


Functions for occasional welding.

Shade level 4/9 <13
Automatic shade level detection Yes (automatic/manually)
Control unit outside the helmet Yes
Comfortable headband Yes
Ability to adapt the detection angle Yes (60° or 120°)
Sensitivity control Yes
Opening delay Yes
Grinding mode Yes (shade level 4)
Overhead welding Yes
True colour filter Yes
Can be retrofitted with optrel breathing
protection system
Hard hat can also be worn Yes


Article numbers

Designation Article no.
cosmic green* 1006.210
dark blue* 1006.290
snow white* 1006.260
titan* 1006.230
shiny ruby* 1006.270
medium blue* 1006.280
black unpainted* 1006.200
Darkening filter 5012.420
*Spare helmet shell on request

Version with hard hat adapter

dark blue 1006.254
snow white 1006.252
titan 1006.253
cosmic green 1006.250
shiny ruby 1006.255
medium blue 1006.256
black unpainted 1006.257

Welding helmets optrel e670