The experts line smoke- and particle-deflecting design; it can also be used in and meets the demands of over head welding applications. Specially developed metallic paints reflect heat and reduce the temperature inside the helmet by up to 15%.

The optrel e680 helmet was designed especially for welding experts with varying job requirements and a need for an extensive range of individual adjustment options. It is the only helmet to allow the wearer to select between DIN 5 to DIN 13 shade levels and can be used with a very wide range of welding methods and amperages without any restrictions. The true colour filter gives the welder a wider view of the weld object and all machine displays. Red LED’s on the welding machine can be read without the user having to remove his helmet. It’s not just in the areas of comfort and safety that the optrel e680 offers an unsurpassed level of perfection but in terms of its additional functions too.

The modern welder needs protective equipment optimised for maximum performance and efficiency. In order to allow welders to work with asfew interruptions as possible, welding machine manufacturers are increasinglyadding remote control to their welding torches. But how doesthis affect the welder who needs to control his shade level? If the welderhas to manually adapt his shade level, the process will be interruptedonce more. If he leaves the shade level setting unchanged, comfort levelsplummet – e670 is the perfect solution. Unique sensor technology allowsthe darkening filter to automaticallyselectthe shade level and continually adapts this to the relevant applicationand arc intensity during welding. Fine adjustment also allows thewelder to adapt the automatically selected shade level to his personaleyesight sensitivity. All of which means the welding process isn’t interruptedat all. Maximum efficiency and comfort are guaranteed.

Comfort and individual scope for adaptation, a large viewing area and consistent quality make the optrel e650 an optimum working tool for most welding methods. In addition to the infinitely variable shade level (can be set between levels 9–13), the helmet offers a continuously variable sensitivity control and opening delay function. All functions can be selected and adjusted from outside the helmet and therefore guarantee maximum comfort and efficiency.

Thanks to the extremely high quality filter and use of the expert helmet shell, the welder benefits the standard DIN 10 and DIN 11 function plus comfort and protection benefits. The welder can adjust the shade level to suit his requirements using the slide switch on the rear of the filter. It can be set to either DIN 10 or DIN 11. The detection angle for ambient light can also be adjusted using the sensor bar.