Fresh air hose breathing Turbo-Flo

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This fresh air hose breathing apparatus (FABA) is designed for use wherever conditions permit drawing air from a hazard-free atmosphere. Because the air supply is fresh, there are no time restrictions on use. Can be used as an assisted (with Turbo-Flo blower) or unassisted fresh air breathing apparatus. Without blower the user can have up to 18 m of hose and up to 54 m with blower assistance. Blowers are available for all applications in 12 V, 110 V or 240 V versions.

  • Provides respiratory protection when it is possible to keep the air intake of the air supply hose in fresh air
  • Use as an assisted or unassisted device
  • Robust design and reliable construction
  • Easy to carry and maintain
  • Provides great freedom of movement (when breathing hoses positioned over shoulders)
B1260006 Turbo-Flo, complete unit [3S mask, breathing tube, belt with connector, 9 m hose, without blower]
B1260007 Turbo-Flo, complete unit [breathing tube, belt with connector, 9 m hose, without mask and blower]
D3029900 Turbo-Flo blower, 240 V AC with plug B1260009 Turbo-Flo blower, 240 V AC without plug 

B1260011 Turbo-Flo blower, 110 V AC

Turbo-Flo Accessories
D2055000 3S
10027724 Advantage 3111, small
10027723 Advantage 3121, medium
10027725 Advantage 3131, large
B1260021 Carrying case
B1260012 Twin breathing tube
B1260013 Connector with waistbelt
B1260014 Air supply hose, 9 m
B1260018 Air supply hose, 18 m
B1266000 Hose connector
B1260015 Spike & Clip
B1260016 End filter

Fresh air hose breathing Turbo-Flo