Full face masks Honeywell Optifit Single

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Comfort and wide range of vision for long-term work.

  • Ergonomic body: made from silicone for an optimal fit.
  • Wide field of vision: through the panoramic screen.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble: for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Areas of application
  • Laboratories, pharmaceutical industry: exposure to aerosols containing bacteria or viruses, handling powders creating a risk for skin and eyes, working in clean rooms.
  • Oil and gas industry: handling chemicals with a risk of splashes (gas detection), and sampling chemicals.
  • Mechanical industry, automotive industry: application of paints and solvents with a risk for skin and eyes.
  • Chemical industry: manufacture of paints, solvents, high risk products.

Body Silicone
Eyepiece Polycarbonate
Harness Adjustable five-point
Speech diaphragm Integrated (plastic)
Single filter system Rd 40 Connection
Neck strap Flame retardant cotton
Wearing corrective lenses Possible

Width x Height
17 150 01 S 124,5 х 177,7 мм
17 150 11 M 152,6 х 190,7 мм
17 150 21 L 161,0 х 204,1 мм


Gost R 12.4.189-99, EN 136.

Full face masks Honeywell Optifit Single