Half masks MSA Advantage 420

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The innovative Advantage 400 half mask stands out due to exceptional comfort and sophisticated design. The user-friendly respirator only consists of three major components, that can be easily cleaned: head harness, nose cup and 4-point yoke.

The patent-pending single loop head harness is unique to the market. It grants the user an intuitional operation and offers high comfort and flexibility. The drop-down option allows the user to remove the mask from the face without removing his other safety equipment (like helmet, ear muffs or spectacles). The respirator can be worn along the chest until the next use. Lock-downpermits to set the harness to the proper fit. It can be then reused without any further adjustments.

The one-piece MultiFlex nose cup is made of soft and smooth co-molded silicone and rigid plastic. This unique combination gives the face piece great durability and extraordinary stability when worn, without compromising comfort.

The Advantage 400 is either available with single thread EN 148-1 connection [Advantage 410] or with twin bayonet MSA connection [Advantage 420]. For both versions MSA offers a wide rangeof different filters, suitable for all applications.

Part Name
Advantage 420, small
Advantage 420, medium
Advantage 420, Large 

Gost R 12.4.190-99, EN 140.

Half masks MSA Advantage 420