Headband Earmuff HPE

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Providing the highest-rated protection available for low-frequency environments, the MSA HPE Headband Muffs are designed specifically for very high noise levels and is ideal for airfields, power plants and other areas with intense noise. A padded headband and super-soft ear cushions guarantee all-day comfort while ensuring full-time protection.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wide headband with ventilated padding provides a firm and comfortable fit
  • Easily adjustable headband force for individual fit
  • Large space for the ears inside the cup

SOR22010 With a holder, acoustic efficiency 32 dB, В = 32, С = 29, Н = 23

SOR12012 For helmets, acoustic efficiency 31 dB, В = 32, С = 28, Н = 22

20 pieces / carton box

 EN 352-1, EN 352-3

Headband Earmuff HPE