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Lens color

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1028832 Clear lens
Most popular lens for indoor/general use. Luminous transmittance 92% 
Supra-Dura Anti-scratchCoating
1029430 SCT Grey Lens
For protection from the sun and glare  Anti-fog Coating
1028836 Silver Mirror Lens
To work outdoors in the sunlight. Luminous transmittance 21%
Anti-scratch Coating
Blue Mirror Lens
To work outdoors in the sunlight. Luminous transmittance 19%
Anti-scratch Coating
Grey Polarised Lens
Reduces the oriented light. This allows the wearer to see finedetails and deep colors without eye strain
Anti-fog Coating
Photochromic Lens
Lensesautomatically adapts to changes in lightconditions
Anti-scratch Coating


Manufacturer: Honeywell

Honeywell SolarPro safety eyewear is designed for optimum peripheralvision and comfort in environments where protection from the sun iscrucial to performance.


  • High-Performance Protection.
  • With its sleek design and lens tint options, Honeywell Solar Pro is ideal for construction,utility line work, landscaping, oil and gas industries and other outdoor applications.
  • Available in a variety of lens tints including mirrored, polarized and photochromic to helpreduce solar glare and eye fatigue.
  • Available with NEW Supra-Dura® advanced anti-scratch coating for lenses that resistscratching 5x longer* than other coatings on the market; anti-fog coating; and Dura-streme®dual anti-fog/anti-scratch coating options.
  • 100% dielectric.


Grey Polarized- reduces the oriented light that causesglare. This allows the wearer to see finedetails and deep colors without eye strain.Sperian Solar Pro clear Polarized uses thesame top quality polarized lenses foundin high-end sunglasses.

Photochromic- provides workers with the convenienceof using this same model for bothindoor and outdoor applications. Lensesautomatically adapts to changes in lightconditions. When exposed to ultraviolet(UV) light, the lenses darken to minimizesunlight and glare can cause eyestrainand fatigue. As the UV light is removed,the lenses return to their light state,ideal for general purpose indoor use.

Lens Material: Polycarbonate

EN 166, EN 170, EN 172

GOST Р 12.4.013-97