MSA Altimeter

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MSA coatings

Clear lens  Most popular lens for indoor/general use. Luminous transmittance 92% 
Coatings Sightgard:
MSA’s popular anti-fogcoating with good anti-scratch properties, anti-fog


Versatile and valuable.

The variety of lens shades cover virtually all industrial applications. The following coating options protect your lenses from the daily risk of scratching and ensure good vision even at increased humidity or temperaturechanges

Manufacturer: MSA - The Safety Company

The Altimeter helps take the risk out of eye injury whether working with chemicals, sanding, building or more. Its hybrid design makes it ideal for universal use; its thoughtful features and durable construction make it ideal in hazardous environments. Comes with a split headband and a set of temples.

Features & Benefits:

  • Soft frame offers complete eye enclosure and superior shock absorption
  • Angle adjustable ratchet allows switching between flexible headband and length-adjustable soft temple arms
  • 18 large ventilation slits ensure a comfortable and airy fit
  • Ventilation holes keep you cooler and reduce fogging
EN 166-2001 1 FT

GOST Р 12.4.013-97

MSA Altimeter