Thermal Imaging Cameras EVOLUTION® 5800

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The EVOLUTION 5800 is the most versatile Thermal Imaging Camera available. Ergonomically in line with the other three models of the EVOLUTION Series, the 5800 convinces through its visualisation technology. The user selects out of five different colour palettes according to surrounding's requirements and personal preferences.

The image detail enhancement [IDE] provides sharp images in all temperatures and maintains heat source definition where other cameras lose their way. With its optional twofold digital zoom, areas requiring a closer look can be precisely examined. The large display makes it the perfect tool for multiple users to see the screen simultaneously.

Combined with the other features such as extreme durabilty, shutter indicator and instant mode switching this camera is at the cutting-edge of thermal imaging technology.

10098048 EVOLUTION 5800 with Digital Zoom 2x [without Standby Mode]

10098049 EVOLUTION 5800 standard with Standby Mode

Thermal Imaging Cameras EVOLUTION® 5800