Detector Tubes

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Detector tubes are the simplest solution if the application requires themeasurement of many different substances. Due to their long storage timedetector tubes are most suitable for occasional measurements. The handling of detector tubes is very simple and easy.

Detector tubes are used to measure hazardous substances in the workplace and in the environment.

Action tubes have a shortened sampling procedure [only 2 strokes] forrapid evaluation of dangerous situations, e.g. for fire services [with warningmarks].

Trainer tubes are for demonstration and training. They contain a gaseoustest substance which reacts with detector tubes when connected to themby a hose.Sampling tubes contain various adsorptive materials as sample carriers foractive sampling of hazardous materials in the air using two componenttubes with sampling and backup layers. The samples are analyzed in a laboratory. MSA recommended laboratory services are available byrequest.

10012107 Biogas-Reactor Set

D5091770 Promille Test

Smoke Tubes & Smoke Generators: smoke tubes are designed to detect and determine the velocity and direction of air currents inventilation systems, to detect leakages in pipelines, furnaces and windows, and to check theventilation systems in mines.

D5019702 Smoke Generator

D5019701  Smoke Tubes [pack of 10] 

Detector Tubes