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The basis of stock is overalls for life safeguarding and personnel health while working under explosion/flammable conditions and for those being at hazard areas of open-fire contact. A model range was designed especially for work with oil products, the purpose of such overalls is additionally marked as “oilman” in the catalogue. All the articles are resistant to mechanical damages and general contaminations. The company Textile M manufactures overalls of 3 series: Basic, Standard and Premium is different in terms of manufacturing principles and materials used, it influences the price respectively. The model range is focused on basic types of professional overalls: garment, coveralls and jackets, and is supplemented with a wide choice of accessories. Extended climatic framework is taken into account for all the articles.

Workwear flameproof

flameretarde flameproof workwear     

The major part of the product range has permanent fire- and thermal proof properties. It is marked with a special sign depicting a mythical creature – salamander.



Special purpose footwear helps to ensure the complex protection to the personnel. In complies with technical regulations and meets the professional needs. In the manufacture process high technologies and materials are employed, a range of models is output with innovational techniques. Textile M offers footwear produced by a French manufacturer MTS ANNIC S.A.S and destined for different industries, as well as the products of the world-known company BAFFIN INC for work in winter conditions, including for those of extremely low temperatures.

 Footwear MTS oilresistant Footwear MTS winter    Footwear MTS winter  Baffin barrow winter   Driller Baffin winter     Titan Baffin winter             

Textile M offers next to all PPE types regulated by common industry codes, and in conjunction with partner suppliers guarantees their high reliability.
 Каска MSA         Очки открытые    Перчатки Hexarmor Подшлемник огнезащитный    Optrel подшлемник