Protective clothing for oil industry workers is the clothing for a living.


There are situations where a human’s life, in the truest sense of the word, depends on availability, quality, and “properness” of clothing.

 The biggest danger for people working in hazardous conditions is to turn into a flaming torch in a matter of seconds. Exactly modern protective clothing, made of fire-retardant fabrics, serves as a protection from this disaster.

The term “fire-retardant” in this context does not imply that such a fabric did not ignite at all. Of course, such a fabric lights up, but it does not break out at once, and features almost instant “self-extinguishing” properties after leaving the fire zone. And it does not melt.

In order to minimize the risk of 2nd and 3rd degree burns, you need to quickly leave the source of the fire and to take off clothes as quickly as possible. By the way, it is much easier to take off special purpose protective jumpsuit than a regular suit. Perhaps that is why foreign companies, giving, as you know, a great importance to the protection of labor, prefer special protective jumpsuits for oil industry workers.

Range of the protective clothing for oil industry workers is determined by the typical personal protective equipment (PPE) rules (“Standard rules of free distribution of special clothing, footwear and other personal protective equipment to the oil industry employees, engaged in work in harmful and (or) hazardous working conditions, as well as in the works carried out in special temperature conditions or pollution-related”, Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation from December 9, 2009 Number 970н).

The list of protective clothing, which must be applied in the petroleum industry, includes:

  • Costumes (protective jumpsuits) made of flame-retardant fabrics for protection against common industrial dirt and mechanical damage.
  • Costumes (protective jumpsuits) for oil industry workers with special oil resistant plates for a number of professions that involve direct contact with oil and oil products.
  • Costumes (protective jumpsuits) made of mixed fabrics impregnated with oil and water-resistant impregnation.

It should be noted that protective clothing for the oil industry workers should be at least anti-static. Therefore, many companies buy protective clothing made of the fabric which has antistatic threads in its composition.

  • Antiencephalitic suits (protective jumpsuits).
  • Suits and coats for protection from water (water-resistant protective jumpsuits).
  • Knitted goods.
  • T-shirts.

The “Textil M” company, from its inception, is specializes in producing protective clothing for oil industry workers. Today the product range includes all kinds of protective clothing for oil industry workers, defined by certain types of norms. In addition, new products demanded by oil and gas companies are constantly being developed and brought to the market.

Water-resistant fireproof protecting clothing, providing comprehensive protection against fire, water and corrosive environments, and fire-retardant knitting goods (underwear, polo shirts, T-shirts) are among the new products of the “Textil M” products range.

Modern protective clothing for oil industry workers is comfortable, ergonomic, high-tech products made of special fire-retardant materials.

Recently, the company-customers also attach great importance to the appearance of corporate clothing: protective clothing for oil industry workers should be good looking and stylish!

After all, in addition to its main purpose – to save health and life of workers – protective clothing should perform an image-function, and should also serve as a powerful means of creating a corporate culture.

High-quality, reliable, comfortable and good looking protective clothing is an indicator of the fact that company cares about its employees, and its professionals.

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