The A+A Exhibition showed: the global sector of occupational health and safety is on the upgrade despite everything.


Life and health protection of employees is an important part of the modern industry. Work clothes, footwear and other means of PPE are high-tech protective equipment based on a major scientific and technological base. Every year PPE are becoming more complex and sophisticated. This is especially noticeable subsequent to the results of the key professional exhibitions which, of course, include A+A Exhibition. Within two years the international community accumulates professional experience and is proud to share it during several days every two years in Germany. It is not surprisingly the exhibition proves to be spectacular and informative.

A+A Exhibition of 2013 pleased its guests with permanent sections and novelties. Traditionally, a theme of personal occupational health and safety is well represented. It is natural because with proper and systematic approach the safety of life and health of employees is directly related to their high capacity for work. Most of the visitors to A+A Exhibition show maximum interest to the subject as well as to the section of industrial safety. This section includes accidents prevention and formation of the employees’ complex protection system. The industrial safety products extremely impress the visitors and inspire to be used. Since 2011 the exhibition was added with new section “Special equipment for protection in emergency situations’ which brought together the maximum number of novelties and interesting exhibits this year. Health and hygiene, chemical protection, workplace safety, fire safety, noise protection, protection equipment, equipment, technology and many other themes impressed the visitors through a variety of means. The formats and methods of the products presentation reserve individual attention. Everything is presented in such a way as to be understood by everyone: print and electronic, detailed and quite short, realistic and imaginative, interactive and personal, always accessible and understandable to every visitor, for most languages ​​of the world.

      A+A exhibition workwear boots safety    A+A exhibition workwear boots safety Germany Russia     A+A exhibition workwear boots safety Germany Russia

A+A is not always an exhibition with permanent exposition, but also a pool of specialized events for participants and visitors. Several professional events were held at the same time: congresses, seminars, demonstrations, conferences, presentations and other interesting thematic activities. A professional show Fashion Show was held in a separate pavilion during the exhibition. It demonstrated the opportunities and advantages of one or another work clothes and shoes.

                                    A+A exhibition workwear boots safety Germany Russia        A+A exhibition workwear boots safety Germany Russia

After the show it becomes apparent that work clothes may not only be functional, practical and correct, but also extremely attractive and even stylish. Various demonstrations were also held within individual mounts of some exhibitors. Such is the scale of A+A Exhibition, a unique and popular event of the world.

A+A Exhibition was represented by Russian enterprises, too. Colleagues from different industries and different structures had properly represented the domestic protection. But the great advances are made by our nationals as visitors whose number is steadily increasing year by year. This fact is encouraging; it gives hope of the the Russian industry development and the state in general.

                                                                           A+A exhibition workwear boots safety Germany Russia                         A+A exhibition workwear boots safety Germany Russia

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