Fire retardant fabric for protective clothing: NOMEX®


What is NOMEX ®

NOMEX® is a trademark which belongs to DuPont.

Nomex ® is a high-tech material which offers a unique combination of meta-aramid, para-aramid (Kevlar ®) and anti-static fibers. Due to its composition Nomex ® has permanent protective properties: high mechanical strength and thermal resistance.

Who needs NOMEX®

Fabrics based on the Nomex ® fiber are used in the manufacture of clothing for protection against thermal risks: high temperatures and flames, thermal effects of electric arcs, and molten metal splash.

The unique properties of heat-resistant Nomex ® fabrics make them virtually indispensable in the manufacture of fire retardant clothing for firefighters, oil and gas industry workers, power engineering, metallurgy, welding, and emergency specialists.

The uniqueness of the NOMEX® fabric

Cotton and blended fabrics acquire thermostability by applying flame retardants (chemical compounds that slow down the burning process) on the finished fabric, yarn, or directly into the fiber. Retardant is “activated” at high temperatures, causing charring and gas emission which inhibit the combustion process. During the usage of clothing its fire retardant properties may be reduced.

The advantage of Nomex is the fact that its fire protective properties are achieved by a chemical formula of the fiber without chemical treatment. As a result fire retardant properties of the Nomex ® fabric persist during the entire life cycle of clothing.

Advantages of the NOMEX® fabric

·         Best protection against thermal risks

Nomex ® is a heat-resistant fabric with permanent protective properties. The Nomex ® fiber gives them the natural heat resistance and flame resistance without chemical treatment.

·         Maximum comfort

 With less weight properties the Nomex® fabric offers 2 times more effective protection against flame and heat than the cotton fabric impregnated with flame-resistant. Lighter material provides greater comfort, which is especially important when working in hot weather conditions. Nomex ® fabric allows air and steam to pass through it perfectly, it has high hygienic and hygroscopic properties due to the unique shape of the fibers.

·         Maximum savings

Nomex® maintains protective properties, the highest strength, dimensional stability and attractive appearance even after 200 washings (while working clothing made of flame resistant cotton fabrics loses mechanical strength significantly and shrinks after just 50 washes). Thanks to a longer service life, clothing made of the Nomex® fabric, costs of its use are much lower than those of the clothing made of cotton impregnated with flame-resistant.

·         Maximum Reliability

DuPont is the recognized leader in the field of industrial safety. DuPont carefully chooses the manufacturers of yarn, fabric and the Nomex® clothing.

Fibers of the Nomex® fabric fully comply with the latest European and Russian standards in the field of protective clothing (

For 40 years, excellent heat-resistant properties, comfort and durability of work clothing made of the Nomex® fabric have been considered to be the industry standard.

Workwear made of the NOMEX® fabric

In case of fire, protective clothing made of the Nomex fabric allows saving life and health of the worker.

Nomex® fabric does not support combustion and does not melt, it preserves the integrity when exposed to high temperatures, it does not emit toxic gases and smoke. It gives a worker the opportunity and time to quickly leave the ​​fire area.

It is known that most of the burns develop within 10-15 seconds after the flame exposure. Thanks to the properties of the protective clothing made of the Nomex® fabric, it protects from 2nd and 3rd degree burns better than clothing made of other flame resistant fabrics.

Comparative tests of protective clothing on a TERMO-MAN® mannequin                      


The “Textil M” company produces fire-retardant clothing made of the Nomex® fabric for the oil and gas industry workers, as well as for all those who work in extreme fire hazardous conditions for more than 15 years. We offer a wide range of summer, winter, demi-season fire-retardant protecting clothing for workers, technical and engineering employees and managers. Protecting clothing made of the Nomex® materials protects, gives comfort and convenience, and keeps attractive appearance throughout the life cycle.


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