Baffin® Work Boots are absolute protection from the cold in the most extreme conditions.


Baffin® Work Boots feature sophisticated high-tech design, all components of which put together ensure absolute protection from the cold in the most extreme conditions. 

The main function of the winter boots is to keep warmth and take the excess moisture off your feet. In Baffin work boots these objectives are solved with the help of the unique design features and high-tech materials.

The design of the Baffin winter work boots consists of:

  • bottom of the boots (multi-layer outsole + gumshoe),
  • upper part of the boots,
  • multilayer thermofiller.

The sole is a multilayer construction made of modern polymer materials. Each layer performs its function of providing heat, ensuring protection and comfort.

The outsole layer is made of oil and petrol resistant and wear-resistant vulcanized rubber, resistant to extreme temperatures. Self-cleaning tread with deep corrugation provides superior traction and additional thermal protection (deep grooved soles give away less heat from the outer surface of the sole to the ground).

The innersole layer made of the lightweight polyurethane foam which helps retain heat and improve dampening properties of the sole.

GelFlex special cushioning layer reduces the load on the foot and serves as additional insulation.

The mesh insole, made of the microporous polymer foam, is used for cushioning and insulation.

Baffin Gumshoe is made of chemically resistant polymers that retain flexibility at very low temperatures. Thanks to the injection method of attachment, the gumshoe is attached to the sole with a durable waterproof single unit.

For the manufacture of the upper part of the Baffin boots, different modern materials, depending on the application, are used, they do not lose flexibility at low temperatures:

  • Timberwolf – textured leather with waterproof oil with resistant silicone impregnation (Workhorse, Compressor, and Granit models);
  • Baffin Guardian® - chemical resistant leather with waterproof impregnation (Whitehorse model);
  • Bulldog – High-strength leather with oil and moisture-repellant treatment (Barrow model);
  • Neoprene – waterproof, chemical-resistant, flexible and extremely durable synthetic rubber (Fort Mac, Driller, Oilrig, and Derrick models);
  • The combination of neoprene and leather (Constructor model).

Multilayer thermofiller of the Baffin boots is a unique and unparalleled combination of materials that retains heat and takes moisture off the feet, providing extremely effective protection against extreme cold conditions.



THERMAPLUSH – soft, pleasant to touch cloth material that can penetrate moisture.

POLYMECH – porous elastic foam, perfectly retaining warmth that provides good shock absorption and takes the moisture off the foot.  

B-TEK – insulation, also served as a “transit” layer to drain moisture from the foot to the next level.

Hydromax II – a layer of a special hygroscopic fiber which absorbs and retains moisture for as long as you get an opportunity to take out and dry the thermofillers.

Aluminum vapor-permeable membranes stabilize the temperature and humidity conditions inside the boots space. The system of membranes and a warming intermediate layer (polyester + synthetic wool) operate according to the thermos flask principle: silver surface reflects the cold outside and returns the heat back to the foot, contributing to the effective conservation of heat.

The materials used in the manufacture of the Baffin thermofiller do not lose their shape, doe not pill, do not crush, so the ability of the Baffin® boots to store heat is not reduced during the entire period of operation.

If you are working in a very cold climate conditions, and if, at the same time, your work is connected with high loads and the risk of mechanical damage; if you have to move a lot on a tight, icy surface – then nothing can protect your feet from the cold and fatigue better than the Baffin® work boots. 

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