About us

“Textil M”, was established in 1995, nowadays it is one of the leading companies in terms of the development and production of special clothing for oil and gas industry workers. We are dedicated to ensure total customer satisfaction and, along with our clothing, provide comprehensive supply of personal protective equipment (PPE).

The company owns advanced production facilities and manages several regional offices.  

During all previous years of business activity, “Textil M” has been showing faster growth rates in many aspects. We have significantly expanded production base, geographic presence, and product range. “Textil M” has earned the trust of the world’s largest manufacturers of PPE and acts as an official representative of their high-quality products on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. We have entered in many long-term contracts, which allow us to meet the growing demands of our customers in terms of the effectiveness and efficiency, and ensure complete security properties for the end users of our products.

Our clients are crowning glory of “Textil M” company. Name of each Customer is inserted in gold lettering into the world business environment. We are proud of mutually advantageous cooperation and we are in process of sustained betterment for the sake of joint success.

From the very first moment of its founding the management of “Textil M” adopted the strategy of the company’s development, which still remains unchanged: the main emphasis in our company is on the proper ways of business conduct. The company aims to realize maximum opportunities in those areas where we have the undeniable advantages.

“Textil M” is a family-oriented company. Our main value is people. The principles of a healthy lifestyle of a family form the basis of our teamformation, it is our main principal when it comes to dealing with organizations and people around the world. For us the following factors are considered to be very important: mutual aid, openness and honesty. We are committed to continuous development and self-improvement. All this helps us work with pleasure. We hope that our cooperation will be pleasant to you.

Best regards

Olga Katkova, Mikhail Katkov